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***Parental Discretion Advisory: Video Clips on this page may contain foul language or inappropriate behaviors. ***

Cartoon Development: Welcome to
The Adventures of Jurt Bungass...!


Jurt Bungass is the over exaggerated alter ego and over extended persona of Alexander Mancina. If you could ever imagine what sophisticated white trash looks like, well then you've just stumbled across the greatest calamity of your life...! 

"When We Get There...!" (2022)

A Little Bit Bout Jurt Bungasss...
He was named after an off brand of beef jerky. 

When most mothaf******'s fizzle out faster than a pop top in da twist of da night, this triflin ass fool is up on the late night tip tryin to find the fire that burns forever. So every time his head hits the pillow, it's a silent reminder of all the times he has fallen before with a feeling of never wanting to get up again. Only to wake long after the clocks tick Tok'd into the wee hours of the mornin to the realization that giving up, is merely an imitation of a weak man's imagination.

Official Quote By Jurt Bungass Himself: 
I assure you a black widow bite is ten times more 
psychologically traumatizing than a rattlesnake bite cause you don't ever see the dam thing comin... Therefore, the mind eats itself alive in an unprecedented and unforeseen ripple effect that plays out for several months after the fact. 

I'm going to groove more avenue's than a batch of lumberjacks...
                -The Jurt Bungass-


Little Bit Bout Mamma Jigg Bungass..                            Mamma Jigg is the direct descendant of the gal who provided Rosie the Riveter her rivets. You are a darned a tootin... If you think about it, Grandma Jigg was one step away from being the poster child of a WWII movement that gave woman not just across this nation but the world as well a new found strength that had been there all along. Yep... I suppose good ole Grandma  Jigg played her part when it came to kickin the crap out of the tyranny of the world. I guess you could say our Grandma Jigg is where we got our work ethic from which trickled on down to Mamma Jigg who had to get up every afternoon and break her back for over 20 years  on the nightshift as a geriatric nurse. That is until she met the right man with the right amount of money who just so happened to have a hip replacement and fell right into the tender lovin care of Mamma Jigg.  Luckily for us this is a fuzzy little fairy tale, cause step daddy died and left us with a fortune that funds any adventure we choose...!

Official Quote By Mamma Jigg Bungass herself:
"There Ain't Nuttin Like a Monday Matinee...!"


The Most Sophisticated set of  Scrappers, you will ever see...! 


A Little Bit Bout Uncle Bungass...         On the outside it appears as though Uncle Bungass acquired half his body from a random chop shop on the outskirts of town; I really don't doubt that there is a bolt or two that has ascended from one only to reach its pinnacle of production to be strapped up in his ass. One thing is for dam sure, his imagination was most definitely conceived in a chop shop. Don't be fooled by this man's over inflated ego though cause he's got a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back if he had one!

Official Quote by Uncle Bungass: "Maximum efficiency" is a bunch of horse shit and a made up word. Oh and one other thing, don't ever eat a pound of king crab legs right before a first class flight, cause I guaran dam tee you, you will get seasick at 10,000 feet. 

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