Original acrylic painting signed on stretched canvas 11"x14" (13"x16" with frame). This is a light hearted piece of an animal that has natrual intenisty. The eyes of the lion easily become the central focal point. His sense of wonder yet complete concentration are what give this painting the emotion and a human element that lures the viewer in. All of the colors were intentionally used to connect the picture together as a whole, from the sky, grass, to the lions fur. This piece is priced at $1.50 (per sq. inch.) plus $19.00 for the frame (Total: $250.00). If you are interested in purchasing this piece without the frame for $230.00 please contact Alex at email: alexander@33shotsart.com or phone: (313)915-6069.

"Lion Eyes"

SKU: 33-4

    All images are original works by Alexander Mancina of 33 Shots Studios. All copywright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. 

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