Original acrylic 16"x20" painting with three thin coats of satin varnished and signed (19.25"x23.25" with frame). This is the first painting that was completed by 33 Shots Studios for public sale. It originally was just a scenic mountain range on a lake. I just felt the piece was missing something so I added the bald eagle fetching the salmon from the water. If you look closer you'll see where the paintings namesake come froms, as you will notice a mother bald eagle with three babies in a nest located in the trees in the lower right corner. There are so many things I wish i could of done differently but I'm sure thats the feeling most artist have when viewing thier earlier pieces. But not to worry because those techniques and ideas will be added to future pieces...! Nonetheless I am extremely proud of this piece, otherwise it would not be for sale and put an good amount of effort into it. This piece is priced at $1.00 per. sq. inch. along with $40.00 for the frame and materials.

Eagle Eyes

SKU: 33-1

    All images are original works by Alexander Mancina of 33 Shots Studios. All copywright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. 

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