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I could write endlessly on how YouTube has helped me grow as an artist. The great thing about my work is that I started out about five years ago and almost all my paintings are documented. My very first one hang's in my daughter's room. What is so great about it all is that you can see the progression I have made as an artist within the past five years. A lot of that progression is directly because of the technology many have at their finger tips these days. Without Youtube I most ceertainly would not be the artist I am today.

Depending on your vision, medium and other varibles it is quite easy to find a group of artist that suits your skills best. There are so many techniques to choose from by watching a variety of artist. I have slowly but surely worked my way to where I am today through watching many hours of youtube. Anything from how to mix paint to what brushes to use and what kind of scenes you aspire to paint have numerous avenues to choose from. There have been many times where I am painting and just listening to artist teach their technique, and would often find myself picking up something new along the way. When it is all said and done though, the best thing any artist can do is to simply practice! And after that, practice some more!

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