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What is really Showing Up On The Canvas...?

Where does this inspiration come from that often appears on the canvas for most artist? Well it can pretty much come from anywhere in life but more importantly from deep within. One of my favorite quotes comes from a fellow artist you might have heard of by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci said "where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art". The more I go down the path of an artist, this quote is only reinforced as truth with every brush stroke. Coming into the artist I choose to be has really been more about finding and getting in touch with the deepest part of my spirit. To produce something that is authentically you that has never been seen before, being in touch with the spirit deep within you I would argue is the best way to get your artwork to connect with people. The more I have been able to get in touch with the deepest part of myself and exposing light in the cracks, the more I realize these things have a way of appearing on the canvas whether in a subconscious or conscious way.

In my videos and writings I often explain how and why it is important for me as an artist to keep a positive frame of mind. My goal in producing artwork is to create the baddest shit you will ever see. In order to do so I have to recognize the bad ass motherfucker within myself in order to produce this work. Obviously this may sound egocentric to a certain extent. But it is important for me to help other artist recognize that badass motherfucker within themselves. The reason being is because it is hard enough to overcome the many challenges of life. It can have a way of beating down the strongest. Getting motivated is a hard enough process but staying motivated is even harder, especially when success is not obvious on the surface. Hence, why knowing the success and improvements you are having on the inside keep you motivated. Building a healthy foundation to fall back on when others do not believe in your abilities the level that you do is what will also help you stay motivated. Knowing that you are strong enough to wheather the natural storm of life on a consistent basis will only help recognize the moment for what it is and knowing the sun is just on the other side of the clouds will pull you through. We who are bold enough to step into this life as artist takes an emotional stregnth that cannot only be recognized by the artist themselves. So I am here to infrom all my fellow artist that you are that badass motherfucker you always knew you were meant to be!

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