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The Intangibles

Today I was thinking about the unseen things that go into being an artist. Most importantly keeping a positive outlook on things and how crucial that is for someone like me. As an artist we have to be extremely sensitive to our surroundings in order to observe and absorb and then integrate into the work we do. Growing into this positive frame of mind is something that takes time if that is something you are haven't always had. Developing a positive outlook is important for an artist because like the majority of life, doing something really hard will feel like you are swimming upstream at times. Those moments when progress feels slow or unattainable, that is when this positive frame of mind can benefit you the most. Because an artist doesn't necessarily have a support system of coworkers and bosses when starting out. So becoming your own support system will only continue to feed into the idea that you got what it takes and it's only a matter of time when it all comes together! So just keep dreamin N Scheamin Baby! Just keep believing in yourself and the development of your abilities that is not seen by the human eye!


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