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My Favorite Artist!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about topics I can talk about for my blog. This thinking has lead me back to the beginning of when I first started painting. I started painting a little over 4 years ago. I had art classes in high school and a couple in college but never truly applied myself to any particular craft. So when I started this mission of mine (if you will); I didn't necessarily know where to begin but it started by buying my first paint set on amazon. As far as learning technique and coming into my own I have came across a variety of artist both past and present that have inspired me in many ways. The term artist does not only apply to just people who paint. My true passion is actually film making. Growing up watching Stephen Spielberg has probably had the most influence on me as an artist. The focus however will primarily be on how I started out and have gotten to this point but don't be surprised if I bring up other individuals outside of the painting world. My personal technique has been accrued through a variety of ways whether it is through youtube, books, movies and of course the life that surrounds me. My goal in talking about these artist is to obviously inspire others. It is never too late to begin. I started in my early 30's. I came across a young lady in her 60's at my first art show who didn't seriously pursue her artistic career until she went into retirement. I feel so fortunate to be alive in this day and age to have the technology we do at our finger tips. I look forward to navigating and documenting my journey through the people who have inspired me so far in life!

Alex Mancina

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