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Dreaming N Scheamin!!!

Hey all you dreamers and schemers!!! Just wanted to post about how life can feel like you have no traction going but not to worry because you have a soldier right by your side that is not afraid to attempt to do the impossible! So when I create a painting, comedic skit or am using my artistic abilities to create, I need you to know that I do not take this ability for granted. Nothing is given to us in life. I never painted in my life until 6 years ago. Tapping into an unknown artistic ability has opened my eyes to so many other possibilities in life and I hope to do so for you as well in some way.

I have had many lessons in life to gain perspective on how to check my ego at any door I choose to walk through and staying humble in my pursuit of my overall artistic vision (So if I choose to walk through one of your doors and bless you with my presence, and yes I am joking by condradicting what I just said...). Trust me, I've had numerous moments of life where I think something is there for the taking, only to have or let it slip away. As I grow older and learn from these experiences, these lessons only help create more focus, drive and another step closer towards the ultimate goal! So keep dreamin and scheamin baby!!!

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