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Brother Matt

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

If you want to talk about a crypt keeper of da night, tis mothafu**a is as cool and coal blooded as day come under pressure baby. It is only fitting that I begin with the best artist in my family and that is Brother Matt. Brother Matt has not produced any piece's of art recently. (Cuz dat mathafuckah fizzled out quicker dan a pop top in da twist of da night...) During his high school years he created a number of projects that could only be described as "sweet as fu**". His natural skill and ability was intimidating to me. He was so good it would make me not even want to attempt to produce something because I felt it wouldn't be nearly as good as his work. When I look at my present work I definitely see his influence and vision throughout it. I find myself at times competing with his talents that he displayed from well over 20 years ago when working on a project. Unlike Brother Matt's natural abilities, I've had to work really hard to get anywhere near his skill level. However, like many people Brother Matt has had to move on from his work to provide for his family the best way he knows how. I really hope that something nudges him towards his artistic work again because the world would benefit endlessly from his talents. I am truly grateful to have my brother in my life and to have witnessed his talents that echo throughout my work. I hope he looks upon my work and says "Look at dis cool coal blooded crypt keeper of da night babies...".

Alex Mancina

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