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Bob Ross

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

If you want to talk about da pimps of pimps tis mathafu**a has grooved moe avanues dan a batch of lumerjacks durin a time when the trains ran the town. Anyone who grew up in the 90"s would most likely have some sort of fond memory of the next artist and that is the one and only Bob Ross! His afro might be the butt of a lot of jokes but if you look past his iconic hair dew you'll be able to clearly see the love for art that he brought to the world that has inspired me along with many others.

Bob Ross brought a sweet and gentle nature to the art world that attracted so many to it. His ability to create scenes of beauty with such ease within each of his half hour time frames always left viewer's saying "how did he just do that...?". And who has ever attempted to create a scene like Bob Ross only to find themselves frustrated with the process? I know I have...

When I first started painting 4 and a half years ago Bob Ross was actually one of the first artist that I studied. It was fun to bring back chilhood memories that I thought had been forgotten. My technique for the most part has grown in contrary to that of his but there are however, many things of his scenes that inspire me. The thing that Bob Ross taught me most was the depth of his scenes. He does a really good job at starting a scene far off in the distance and then works his way to the foreground by introducing various objects in nature. His explanation of what he is bringing into the scene might not be clear in the moment but when he is finished you see exactly what he was talking about.

If you watch PBS to this day you might have the good fortune of coming across Bob Ross' lovable personality from all those years ago. No matter where you are in your artistic career, or if you are simply a lover of art, do yoself a favor and inject yoself with sum mathafu**en Bob Ross! Cuz if you fu** wit my boy Bobby, shi* gonna get real. Shi* be real, real quick...

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