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About the Artist


~Alexander Mancina~

When most mothaf******'s fizzle out faster than a pop top in da twist of da night, this triflin ass fool is up on the late night tip tryin to find the fire that burns forever. So every time his head hits the pillow, it's a silent reminder of all the times he has fallen before with a feeling of never wanting to get up again. Only to wake long after the clocks tick Tok'd into the wee hours of the mornin to the realization that giving up is merely an imitation of a weak man's imagination.

In all seriousness... I strive to be original, authentic and bold! My two favorite artist are Leo Da Vinci and Steven Spielberg and if you look at my paintings their influences are clear. The ultimate goal as an artist is to take what has come before me and create my own version for the future.

Contact Info:
Email: alexander@33shotsart.com

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