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I'm calling my shot...

Get me Lorne Michaels, Steven Spielberg, Elon Musk, oh, and that motherfucker Vince McMahon... Humanity shall then be presented with the culmination of everything that has come before it in the world of entertainment. It will be delivered delightfully and magnanomously in the form of, The Movie of the Century.

"St. Alexander Michaels"

And the search for the lost Angels

St. Alexander Michaels
The Most Powerful Angels in all of The Heavens have descended upon the face of the Earth. All in an effort to harness the fire of Man & take it back to the Heavens to throw it into the sky in a great ball of fire to be set there & burn for all of eternity...!
However, slowly but surely almost all Angels on earth have succumbed to the temptations and heat of the fire.  One by one St. Elvis, St. John,  St. Christopher and so on have fallen into the purgatory's all thought to be Lost...
The Fire of Man & the harnessing of it has now been bestowed upon the most unlikely group of Angels and the last remaining on the surface of the Earth. With all hope nearly lost in the Heavens, 
I'm on a mission from Thy Rock Gods.
With all the power invested in me, May Thy Rock Gods Be With You...!

I'm the wildcard motherfucker, and I'm always in Play. 
For I am Zeus Alexander 
"The Thief of all Hearts!"

St. Alexander Michaels
"I came here to harness the fire of man to take it back to the heavens to throw it in the sky in a Great Ball of Fire and set it there to burn for all of eternity"
You'll get the rest when I get to SNL
Zeus Alexander

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