About the Artist

Alexander Mancina

Alex is filled with an abundance of personality that can be clearly seen through much of his artistic work. His goal in life is to get the best out of people and not the best of them. His paintings tend to reflect the true realities and behaviors of the human spirit through metaphors, emotions, and subtle tones. Through the eyes of Alexander Mancina, life is a depiction of a darkness that is always overcome by light. If you have a curious mind and are all about pushing boundaries and finding the best place to rest your ideas then you've come to the right place! 

33 Shots Studios was created to indulge the imagination on every level possible! This is a place where dreams have no boundaries accept for the canvas we choose to lay them on which are limitless!

Contact Info:
Phone: (313)915-6069
Email: alexander@33shotsart.com
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All images and phrases are original works by Alexander Mancina of 33 Shots Studios. All copywright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. 

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