Mission Statement-  I am waging a war on the natural negativity of humanity. I intend to fight it relentlessly by expelling all the laughter, joy, and inner beauty I can possibly provide in one lifetime. 

-Alexander Mothaf***in Mancina-

"Touchdown"    (2020)
"New Beginnings" (2019)

"Desperados" (2019)


"Half Day" (2019)
"Lion Eyes" (2019)
"Eagle Eyes" (2018)
"Don't Nobody..." (2018)
"Light Warrior" (2019)
"The Only Thing That Matters" (2019)
"Hunger" (2019)

What do we offer?

As of right now we are offering original acrylic paintings, and custom acrylic paintings. Our goal is to produce high quality products that are affordable on any budget. The paintings will range across many genres, emotions, and cultures. To inquire about any products please view the links above or contact the owner and creator Alex at the information located at the bottom of each page!

This is an 8x10 original acrylic titled         "Best Day Ever", and is the first piece ever sold by 33 Shots Studios. Thank you Curtis!
Contact Info:
Phone: (313) 915-6069
Email: alexander@33shotsart.com
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All images are original works by Alexander Mancina of 33 Shots Studios. All copywright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. 

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