Mission Statement- Alexander Mancina's paintings depict in some way shape or form the very essence of what life is. The essence of life through his eyes is a constant seeking of light amongst the darkness. Almost all of his paintings portray light colliding with darkness whether it is done directly or in a more subtle manner. Each piece is meant to stir emotion, and draw inspiration...!

"The Only Thing That Matters" (2019)
"New Beginnings" (2019)
"Half Day" (2019)
"Light Warrior" (2019)
"Don't Nobody..." (2018)
"Lion Eyes" (2019)
"Eagle Eyes" (2018)

"Desperados" (2019)


What do we offer?

As of right now we are offering original acrylic paintings, custom acrylic paintings. Our goal is to produce high quality products that are affordable on any budget. The paintings will range across many genres, emotions, and cultures. To inquire about any products please view the links above or contact the owner and creator Alex at the information located at the bottom of each page!

Pricing and how it works
Original Acrylic Canvas Paintings 
Price: $1-$2 per sq. inch + materials Example: 9"x12"= 108 sq. inch x $1.00= $108.00 + $30.00 materials (Frame and canvas)= $138.00+6% sales tax(MI) $8.28=     Total: $146.28 (free shipping in U.S and Canada)
Prices may vary for a variety of reasons. Most paintings are priced in the $1 to $2 (per sq. in.) range. Others may be marked up for reasons pertaining to time plus effort and others may be marked down that involve less detail (typically these are 8x10 paintings that may or may not come with a frame) . Ultimately, we strive to produce one of a kind acrylic paintings at an affordable rate. Each piece will also come with a certificate of authenticity.
This is an 8x10 original acrylic titled         "Best Day Ever", and is the first piece ever sold by 33 Shots Studios. Thank you Curtis!
Custom Original Acrylic Canvas                                 Paintings
Price: $2.00-3.00 per sq. inch + materials
Example: 9"x12"= 108 sq. inch
108x $3.00= $324.00 + $30.00 materials= $354.00    (6% MI sales tax)= Total: $375.24           
There will be a %50 non-refundable deposit taken on all custom works. The full amount will be due before the work is handed over or shipped to customer (work will be shown to customer along with other progression photos before final payment is taken). There will be a written agreement signed by both parties before work begins ensuring complete satisfaction for all involved. If a customer request a sketch of a custom painting before choosing 33 Shots Studios for commission work, a $99.00 non refundable fee will be taken beforehand. The $99.00 fee will be waived if 33 Shots Studios is chosen for the custom work. All sketches and paintings are copyrighted work of 33 Shots Studios and may not be recreated or reproduced without authorization. All custom work will come with certificate of authenticity.
This image does not directly express the opinion of the artist. Nonetheless an extreme amount of effort was put forth for this custom piece. We do not wish to offend anyone, and it was created with an adult comical sense of humor in mind.
"Hunger" (2019)
Contact Info:
Phone: (313) 915-6069
Email: alexander@33shotsart.com
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All images are original works by Alexander Mancina of 33 Shots Studios. All copywright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. 

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