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Viva la American Renaissance!

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Viva la American Renaissance!


"Spinning The World With My Imagination"
Created By: Zeus Alexander

"She's Got that Way"
Created By: Zeus Alexander

Music is a relatively new passion of mine. In fact, I've never really started singing out loud until the summer of 2022. I was always afraid of what people will think of my voice but the connection to my soul overrides all fears!

Acrylic Paintings!

la ricognizione.JPG

"La Ricognizione" 2022
"The Reconnaissance"

"Unnamed Project"


"Bull Market"(2020)      24x36


"Cadere con grazia" 2023
    "Falling With Grace"


"When WE Get There!" 2022

This image is one of the first cornerstones to the cartoon "The Adventures of Jurt Bungass" currently under development by 33 Shots Studios. Stay tuned for future iconic scenes and characters to come such as J.G. Bungass, Burt Bungass, Bark Bungass and Professor Lumpkins...! Also click the link above to find out more as the characters and cartoon develop. 


"Fiori Di Sole"

After being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa in 2016, I went on disability. Being forced to spend the majority of my time at home, I needed a new outlet. But first, I had to confront who I had become at that point and more importantly, who I wanted to become in life. I always knew deep down inside that I wanted to be a creator of some sort. When I begin to paint in 2016, it broke down a door that led into a universe of infinite creativity. Painting has helped me learn how to build deeper layers in other artistic mediums such as writing, filmmaking, comedy, and has also helped me uncover new ones in that of singing and music. I am truly thankful that my life has evolved into what it is through my diagnosis, because it has helped me discover a soul enriching process that is never-ending. I always questioned whether heaven existed, but I know now more than ever it is within all of us, if we choose to look for it. 

Viva la American Renaissance!


Growing up in and around the suburbs of Detroit could only be described as emotionally suppressing for me. Whether it was at school, home, or work, I've always found myself going up against some sort of negative individual or force that would try to muzzle my sense of humor. In a world of misery and negativity, I see the desperate need for laughter in every moment possible. I made a promise to myself a long time ago to never take myself too serious, or others for that matter. Finding the joy, laughter and happiness within every moment of life is my ultimate mission and truest passion. 

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